FREE Goal Setting Workshop

Goal Setting with a Purpose. Make 2017 your Best Year Yet!

In 60 minutes you'll discover:

  • One Strategy that will instantly make you 42% MORE likely to accomplish your goals
  • How to QUIT PROOF your goals to ENSURE you achieve them once and for all
  • A Simple, yet Powerful principle that will enable you to stop procrastination in its tracks and get things done quickly and easily
  • Clarify what steps you need to stop wishing and START accomplishing the things that matter most to you so you can stop drifting and start CREATING the life you want to live!
Saturday, January 21st @ 12pm

Dave Fannin

CEO, The Body Firm 

Health & Fitness Expert

Location Details:

Inursha Fitness Studio

525 Bailey Ave

Fort Worth, TX 76107

(Group Fitness Room)‚Äč

Call 817-320-0743 for Questions